Change Update Rate of HMC6343 Compass per I2C

I do have a little problem changing the internal update rate of a honeywell HMC6343 compass modul that I control from an arduino via I2C / wire library.

Reading out the sensor data is no problem at all. But to change the internal update rate I have to change the EEPROM register settings in the HMC6343.

Based on the manual the command byte to send should be 0xF1 followed by the EEPROM address (0x05) followed by the byte to write to the EEPROM (For 10Hz this should be 0x02). That's the code I used:


It seems to work in a way as when I read out the EEPROM Register by using the 0xE1 Command followed by the 0x05 (EEPROM address)
it shows the right register value. Unfortunately the Update rate doesn't change.

Any idea what I'm missing here?

Did you ever get the update rate to change? I'm having the same problem myself.