Change variables in program from coordinator radio

Hello, A basic setup I have is a coordinator radio on an xbee shield on an Uno, and also a router radio on the same setup. I am using Sparkfuns guide here (See “Remote control arduino” section)
Sparkfun xbee guide
and am able to send commands via XCTU to write pins high or low, as well as read analog and digital pins.

Once I was able to do that, I created a program with my coordinator radio to do the same thing, but it does not work.
My coordinator program is basically this

  xB.write((byte)0x0);  // Frame ID
  xB.write((byte)0x00); // first byte
  xB.write((byte)0x13); // 2
  xB.write((byte)0xA2); // 3
  xB.write((byte)0x00); // 4
  xB.write(65); // 5
  xB.write(141); // 6
  xB.write(135); // 7
  xB.write(138);// 8
  xB.write((byte)0x0A); // "10"67
  xB.write((byte)0x42);// 10"66"
  long sum = 0x17 + 0x13 + 0xA2 + addy5 + addy6 + addy7 + addy8 + 0x0A + 0x42 + 0x02 + 'D' + 'D' + 0xd;
  xB.write(0xFF - (sum & 0xFF));

If I change the last 3 xb.writes to ‘D’, 0, 0x4 or ‘D’,0,0x5 I can change the digital pin on the xbee to read high or low (0/+3.3V) and read the signal that way through the analog pins if I connect a wire from the xbee to the arduino, but I want to be able to change a variable in the router program. I am able to do this via xctu by writing dd1 or w6127 as in the sparkfun tutorial, but I can’t seem to send it via the arduino.

Please let me know if I should clarify anything, Thank you