Changed colours when rotating st7355 isplay

Hello, I am totaly new to this forum so sorry if I filed this question wrong.

I am using an Arduino to send a demo to the ST7735 lcd display. everthing works fine but the images are upp side down. I added the command to rotate the screen (tft.setRotation(2); // set display orientation ) . Now all the colours are different! why is this?

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What display are you using? e.g. link to Ebay sale page.
Which library are you using? e.g. quote library name from IDE Library Manager.

Yes, a genuine ST7735 with a respected library from IDE Library Manager should work just fine.


Hi David, thanks for a fast reply.

I am using ac chinees version

and I am using just 2 library's:
#include <ST7735.h>
#include <SPI.h>

I got a lot off error when using the adafruit library.
the Adafruit_ST7735.h doesn't have all the drawing functions as in this demo program, is my guess.

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I have a very similar display. Same components, pinout, but green pcb.

I don't see any ST7735.h in the IDE Library Manager. I never trust a non-approved library.

I strongly advise using Adafruit_ST7735.h library. Run all of the examples first. I suspect that your display is INITR_BLACKTAB

Get your display working 100% first.
We can always help you with any Adafruit_ST7735 methods.


Hi David,

that was added when installing the tft library.

I will rewrite the code for adafruit.
Thanks for helping me out.


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