Changeing CID on SDHC CARD

im trying to write CID to the sdhc card, i have a chinease cards which allows me to send cmd 26(write cid). im sending commands through SD NATIVE MODE(spi doesnt support cmd26).
According to sdhc datasheet specs:

CMD3(get rca) -> CMD7(choose a card) -> cmd 26(card responsd) -> then i send 19 bytes to D0 pin: FE, 16bytes new cid values, and 2 bytes CRC. Then put clocks and card answers with 0x05 on D0 pin which means "OK". But CID doesnt change. I know that CID writes only once during manufacture and cant be.Im not 100% sure that i can write to those cards because i dont know how card without written cid looks like, does it all zeros on CID when i read it? Because those cards have this CID: "9F 54 49 30 30 30 30 30 00 00 00 02 05 01 16 89" - Does it already written cid or its something that can be overwritten?


Can you share with me where did you bought these cards?
It would be great to buy these chinese cards and make some test with them....

Are you using smt32duino for native SDIO protocol? Which type of board did you use?
(As I know atmega does not support SDIO, only SPI)


I bought it straight from the factory, it was not easy to urge them for sending me cid-writable sdhc cards. Unfortunately, i cant share a contacts. But i have a plenty of those cards, i guarantee that i will send as much as you wants if i figure out about effectiveness of those cards, if they cant be written, so no point to send them, right?
I dont know what you mean by "SDIO". I'm using atmega8 with SDHC card reader, in NATIVE SD MODE PROTOCOL, with bitbanging - im sending cmds and receiving responds.
Im not using arduino from this point , but we can share thoughts about this project. So what do you think about cmd order? DOes it ok? why it doesnt write cid? I think because its written already in factory.