Changes in Light Levels Post to Twitter (Problems with Processing 2)

I found a project that uses a magnetic door sensor to post twitter responses when the door is opened and closed. Instructables Tutorial Here

Also, I have a piece of code that utilizes the serial monitor option and displays light levels to it. It's below. I was hoping I could modify the processing 2 code so that while watching the serial port, if any value changes, it will post a tweet.

My problem is that Processing 2 doesn't let me import Twitter4j (Link to that)
I have tried placing the Twitter4j folder in almost every folder there is for Processing and it won't give me the option to import the library into the program. I must be doing somthing wrong and it's so irritating.

PLUS I haven't touched any of the code so if you can point me in the right direction, I should be able to figure it out. Script kiddy over here.

HALP :cry:

I'll bump this just so someone can give me any type of feedback on this at all. Good or bad. I just need some direction.


You may have more results posting in the processing forum, I use processing for basic stuff, but don’t know it that well.

Okay thank you! I’m not worried about the code as much as I am Processing. It’s tough.