Changes in the Arduino 1.0 release: How to migrate your existing projects

For anyone that hasn't made the switch to Arduino 1.0 yet, we've put together a guide on what needs to be changed in your existing code to get up and running:

This info is available in the release notes and through official sources, but sometimes it's a pain to sift through all of the gritty details. This article attempts to distill the most important points. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Hope you find it useful!

One more subtle change is mentioned in number 2 here on my blog:

Makezine article on the same subject:

Hi Liudr,

Thanks for the additional resources.

One note about your blog post: the NewSoftSerial library is now the default SoftwareSerial library included in Arduino 1.0. No need to stop using it or go to Mikal’s website because it’s packaged with the core installation. Anyone who was using it can upgrade and simply change the relevant #include statement (though he actually renamed the latest version “SoftwareSerial” in preparation for the release).

I propose to stick this topic.

I second the proposal.

@engblaze, Thanks. I just looked into the Arduino 1.0 SoftSerial and yes, it is the "NewSoftSerial". Now that both soft and hard serials inherit from Stream, so you can use Stream pointers to handle them both. It's the right direction. It's awesome.