Changing 2x8 LCD backlight LED

A few years ago I failed in sourcing 8x2 LCD display with RGB backlight. I could find only 16x2 size, which is too big size for my needs. Then I gave up.

Today I come back again to the same project, and sourcing is the same issue. Only 16x2 LCD display with RGB backlight are available.

As a solution, I would like to buy some 8x2 LCD display like this one and change its backlight with RGB LED.

How is it possible to change the LED on a standard product like this?

i don't think that's possible since i dont even see the led or any soldering pins.
And also if you would be able to replace it you would have like 4 pins just sticking out of your display at the side so that would look kinda weird.

But why is the 16X2 to big? Are you going to build it in a case or something?