Changing a thread's subject.

I badly chose a subject as:

Watering pot plants.

Someone pointed out it would better read:

Watering potted plants.

So I think it may be better if the subject was changed to "Automatic watering system"

How do I do that?

Go to the original post, click Modify, change & save.

click modify in the upper left of your post and change the subject ;)

Unfortunately, that only changes the subject of the one message. To change the entire topic you will have to ask a moderator.


Interesting how it has changed - when I didn't do it.

Oh well.

All's well.


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CrossRoads is the one to thank.

I didn't see many pot references tho, so I only changed the first post.


Well you changed the right one.

(kind of obvious when you see it was me who started it.)

Anyway, back to smashing my head against the wall trying to work out what is doing on/wrong with the code.