Changing Acceleration Sensitivity on MPU6050 with Kalman Filter


By default, the MPU6050 is set to ±2g for the accelerometer. I need to change this to 8g for my project.

I`m using the code supplied by TKJ Electronics, Kristian Lauszus. It includes a Kalman Filter and calculates lots of angles and keeps the gyro from drifting. I cannot seem to change the accelerometer sensitivity, which is default =-2g.

Using other code found online, and the well known MPU6050 class from Jeff Rowberg, I am able to change the sensitivity simply by writing


However, this does not apply with the Kalman filter code, and I have no idea why. I hope someone here can help me.

The code I am using looks like this, and the accelerometer sensitivity is initialized in line 46. It looks like this:

i2cData[3] = 0x00; // Set Accelerometer Full Scale Range to ±2g

Based on the data sheet for the MPU6050, I should be able to change the sensitivity by changing the registry Hex 1C or Decimal 28.

To change the sensitivity, I need to write the value of 0, 1, 2, or 3 to the registry corresponding to ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, or ±16g of sensitivity.

However the sensitivity is simply unchanged when I run the code and print the raw values.

Here is a sample of the code (I cannot post it all, forum says it’s too big). I have no idea what i2cData is, I don’t see it initialized anywhere. As you can probably tell, I am a very beginner for this kind of stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

#include <Wire.h>
#include "Kalman.h" // Source:

void setup() {
  TWBR = ((F_CPU / 400000L) - 16) / 2; // Set I2C frequency to 400kHz

  i2cData[0] = 7; // Set the sample rate to 1000Hz - 8kHz/(7+1) = 1000Hz
  i2cData[1] = 0x00; // Disable FSYNC and set 260 Hz Acc filtering, 256 Hz Gyro filtering, 8 KHz sampling
  i2cData[2] = 0x00; // Set Gyro Full Scale Range to ±250deg/s
  i2cData[3] = 0x02; // Set Accelerometer Full Scale Range ( ±2g = 0x00 ±4g=0x01 ±8g=0x02, ±16g = 0x03 )
  while (i2cWrite(0x19, i2cData, 4, false)); // Write to all four registers at once
  while (i2cWrite(0x6B, 0x01, true)); // PLL with X axis gyroscope reference and disable sleep mode


I need to write to the registry 0x1c or Decimal 28, I need to write the value 2, which is 00010000 = 0x10 so the line of code that changes the acceleration sensitivity to ±8g is:

i2cData[3] = 0x10; // Set Accelerometer Full Scale Range ( ±2g = 0x00 ±4g=0x01 ±8g=0x10, ±16g = 0x11 )

Hi I'm wanna get readings of gyro and accelerometer using MPU6050 sensor and atmega2560 development board.

Pin connection


  1. Set the scale of accelerometer and gyro
  2. Read raw data
  3. convert those into dps and acceleration
  4. filter accelerometer value and gyro using best filter

I tried to figure out this using many examples but still i coudn't manage to do that. :( And i need this for my project so I will be really grateful if anyone could help me with these steps clearly

Thanks :)

What steps have you accomplished, so far ?

truth is I have no idea :( i tried to figure out how do i read the sensor using sample codes but i got confused plz help

its a very popular code i guess
I will be really grateful if u can help me to get idea about the code :slight_smile:

IMU_6050.ino (42.6 KB)