Changing Camera Mode With Arduino

On the top of my SLR camera is a rotary switch that allows me to change the mode my camera is in. I was wondering if anyone has a guess or knows how the changing the mode of the camera with the rotary knob actually works.

I was assuming it's just a potentiometer and the camera changes modes based on the voltage drop in a resistor divider but haven't found any info on it online and wanted to ask before I opened the camera up. If it is a potentiometer, I assume the best way to control the camera mode with an Arduino would be to switch in the correct series or parallel resistance required to change to the mode I want?

Most unlikely. Far too unreliable! :roll_eyes:

This sort of use of a potentiometer is only found in beginner Arduino tutorials. :laughing:

Some sort of selector switch.

What camera exactly?

I have been inside a number of cameras and it seem unlikely that you could get in, perform enhancements AND get out of there w/o doing some damages.

Figuring out a mechanical means to turn the existing control knob might be a different but more tractable problem.

I haven't paid attention - are there no cameras that have any kind of comprehensive digital control interface?


Panasonic GH4 but I'm guessing that most cameras work the same. I can get in and out no problem :slight_smile:

Well, it lists for less than $1000, so no problem if you fail!


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