Changing Com Port on Windows 7 Now No Arduino

I purchased a Mega 2560 to build a Christmas Light controller. I installed the drivers upon first attaching the board to my computer. Now to my issue, the mega was assigned COM9 by laptop. I decided to change this to COM1 as I thought this port was available. Now the mega does not show up in my devices list nor can I find it in Device Manager so that I can remove the drivers and try to reinstall. Unfortunately I am now stuck as I am unable to get the mega recognized by my laptop. Any help would be appreciated.

I decided to change this to COM1

How did you do that ?

You can actually assign the com port in windows, except for com1. It's reserved for internal use. (Actually held back for a physical serial port but not available as a virtual com to the USB controller).

Try restarting your computer.

I tried to reboot to no avail. I also tried system restore to get back to state before installing the board but still won’t work. I even tried to install via Legacy in Device Manager but then will get error 10 start up message which could mean any number of issues. I have ordered another mega and will be getting it today so hoping that I can atleast get the new one installed correctly to get going on my build.

You never answered the question in Reply #1

If you do someone may be able to help.

I would be very surprised if the problem is with your Mega - unless you also did something strange to it.