Changing comment colour on Mac OS X

Hello Arduino People,

I am using Mac OS X, Arduino 0018, and would like to change the comment colour from grey to green. In v0017 I was able to do this by altering lines in the Arduino application package preferences file, but now in v0018 the file contains the explicit advice to not do this.

The regular preferences file, in ~/Library/Arduino/preferences.txt has no obvious place to change the colour. In previous versions, there were lines such as:-,bold but in v0018 this does not produce any result.

Does anyone have an idea what the syntax would be for a successful colour change for comments?

Regards, Tony Barry Sydney, Australia

Well, well, well, said the farmer to the three holes in the ground.

Firstly, the sweet part about the preferences of interest here being in "~/Library/Processing/preferences.txt" appears to be less than true.

It's really inside the application package (right click on, select "Show Package contents"/ Now navigate through this folder hierarchy:- ->Contents ->Resources ->Java ->lib ->theme ->theme.txt double click on "theme.txt" and scroll nearly to the bottom. There you will find the lines:-

TEXT - COMMENTS = #008800,bold = #008800,plain

which I have changed as you can see to green (reminds me of VB5)

Now be aware that editing this while ARDUINO IS RUNNING IS PROBABLY A REALLY BAD IDEA.

Hope this helps somebody else who finds that "preferences.txt" isn't where the preferences seem to live.

Aside from this slight frustration, Arduino is a very good bit of gear. Highly recommended. And with the ability to change comment colour to somethig soothing, it is now perfect. :)

Regards, Tony Barry

Thanks for the tip!

Do you have any idea how to keep tabs as tabs and not expand them into spaces? Ie, a tab moves over by the value editor.tabs.size value in the preferences.txt file but only a tab goes into the file, not spaces.



Sorry Bob, no insight on that one as yet.

Regards, Tony Barry