Changing default Pinout definition at ITDB32S (Itead 3.2 TFT Touch Color LCD )

Hello… Somebody could tell me a hint about: How can I change the default PINS for Arduino using the ITEAD Mega Shield for TFT 3.2 Touch Color LCD?

Default Pinout definition in UTFT Library D22(PA0) -> D29 (PA7) D37(PC0) -> D30(PC7)

But this pins are busy/taken so I need to use another pins availables….

Thank you for your oppinions, any comment is welcomed !

And what are these functions for?

void UTFT::LCD_Write_COM(char VL) { if (display_transfer_mode!=1) { cbi(P_RS, B_RS); LCD_Writ_Bus(0x00,VL,display_transfer_mode); } else LCD_Writ_Bus(0x00,VL,display_transfer_mode); }

void UTFT::LCD_Write_DATA(char VH,char VL) { if (display_transfer_mode!=1) { sbi(P_RS, B_RS); LCD_Writ_Bus(VH,VL,display_transfer_mode); } else { LCD_Writ_Bus(0x01,VH,display_transfer_mode); LCD_Writ_Bus(0x01,VL,display_transfer_mode); } }

void UTFT::LCD_Write_DATA(char VL) { if (display_transfer_mode!=1) { sbi(P_RS, B_RS); LCD_Writ_Bus(0x00,VL,display_transfer_mode); } else LCD_Writ_Bus(0x01,VL,display_transfer_mode); }

void UTFT::LCD_Write_COM_DATA(char com1,int dat1) { LCD_Write_COM(com1); LCD_Write_DATA(dat1>>8,dat1); }

case SSD1289: LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x00,0x0001); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x03,0xA8A4); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x0C,0x0000); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x0D,0x080C); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x0E,0x2B00); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x1E,0x00B7); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x01,0x2B3F); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x02,0x0600); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x10,0x0000); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x11,0x6070); LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x05,0x0000);

Somebody knows???