Changing Design with this Software for a low vision users

Hello all! I suffer from a very poor eyesight. Narrow letters and low-contrast color design are modern, for me a big handicap. Despite various attempts to improve the graphics with my computer have failed. Do you have an idea? For example, simply to switch the text to black?

Your OS being ?

Most OS have functions to improve screen appearance for those with visual handicaps.
Answers may vary depending on the OS.

Also I think this topic has also bee approached before so a search may be in order for you to perform.

Thanks for your response. Typical answer. Try to increase the contrast with OS. Unfortunately, the MacOS setting does not affect the Arduino program.

Whilst "TYPICAL" the last line is not and offers you so much more should you take the time to use the advise.

Not my place to search for an answer for everyone.
Sometimes users such as us have to take the time to find our own answers that went before us.