changing .h files


I want to change a .h file, its the utouchCD file that comes with the utouch library. this is to calibrate the utft im using for my hnc project.
I have the calibration sketch, this allows you to touch parts of the screen then gives you three values to change in the utouchCD file.
im not sure how to change this file, I opened the utouchCD sketch in arduino and changed the values. then I went to save and it was going to save as an arduino file. I don't know if this would work as it isn't a header file.

would I need a C compiler, I have notepad++ and I tried to alter the values but I couldn't save. it asked if there was another version of it open, I pressed "no" and it said "save failed".
is there another way that I could alter the file?

You could change it using notepad or any similar text processor. If you are unable to save the file after changing it, the most likely reason is that the file has been set read-only. If you're sure it's sensible to change it (it does seem reasonable in this case) then you could unset the read-only attribute before editing it.

I think this is good topic for my problem. I have successesfuly calibrated my screen on TFT LCD Shield v1.0 screen is tft_320qvt, but I have some problems sometimes when I upload programme touch is not always calibrated in that case I have to upload it again an it works, sometime I have to uploade it for 5 times for touch to be calibrated, but my biggest problem is if I unplug arduino from power source and plug it in again there is no way that screen will be calibrated I have try this for many time with no luck, only reuploading program solve the problem. So do anyone know why this is happening? Beacuse when arduino wll be in use if electrical power go off, I will always have to reupload programme.
Sorry for my poor knowledge of englis.
frIXy, Slovenia