Changing IR Reciever


I have a simple project where i am using a remote control and a IR receiver. What i am wondering is that if I change the IR receiver will that change the remote code? thanks,


hi, i'm a newbie as well, but i think i can give a reply.

from what i understand, it's the code (running on the Arduino) that makes sense of what the IR-receiver gets, which makes the difference.

so if you change that component, it should be okay - unless there are some specific IR-receiver modules which i'm not aware of.

changing the transmitter, ie. the remote control (unit), is what would change the remote codes.

That makes sense. I figured this was the case, I just wanted to ask before I started ripping into things. Thank you for your reply!

cheers, glad i could help ! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to ask before I started ripping into things.

heh-heh, i know the feeling ! XD

Be careful, IR receivers can have different pin-outs, so check the data sheet before connecting. You should be able to figure out GND & +V on the existing one with the 3rd being the out signal.

Also, different receivers will be tuned for particular modulation frequencies - so unless it is the same/correct modulation frequency you may experience reduced (or no) performance.

Most IR receivers provide a demodulated signal as output, but some provide the full modulated signal etc etc.

In conclusion: ===> Data Sheet!