Changing LED Cube code to RGB Cube code

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for help on changing an LED Cube code that I have previously used to an RGB Cube code. Any help will be VERY much appreciated.

Details on wiring etc can be found here
Anodes go through correct resistors to 0-16 and 21-51, and cathodes go through transistors to 17-20.

I’m very new to electronics and have attempted some tiny codes, but struggle a lot as I’ve never done anything like it before. My previous LED Cube code, I found on the internet, but can’t find an RGB one anywhere that’s wired up the same way as mine.

The trouble is, I need a working code by Monday, so I’m starting to get a bit worried…

I’ve attached my previous LED Cube code, so if anyone could give me some advise, or even get me started on changing it to RGB, it would be a lot of help. I may even be willing to pay someone to complete the code for me…

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!


LED_1cube_4x4x4_Blank_Show_.ino (3.39 KB)

Hi again Harry. The place for asking for coding work for money is the gigs and collaberation section, as I think I explained before.

Bearing in mind your deadlines, what is the minimum functionality you must have to complete the assignment? For example, what if the patterns were all of the same colour, but the colours cycled between red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta and white each time the patterns repeat? That could be achieved with only a few changes I think.


Hi Paul,

You never actually explained where that part of the forum was, but I posted this here as I am mainly asking for help and advise, not completion.

It is not actually an assignment, just a project, so there is no minimum functionality - I'd personally just like it to look more impressive than a simple LED Cube. What you've said would be a very good start. So where would I start?