Changing Parity

Hi All

Can anyone help out please i’m working n a project to accept a rs232 data String (not yet got to this point)
and output it through another RS232 connection via myString.printLn(StringValue) ; this outputs correct to hyper terminal

(i’m using the class String)

but i can only get output if i set bps to 9600 , data bits 7 , parity NONE , stop bits 1
but i need it to output and accept (when i get here from RS232) at :

bps to 9600 , data bits 7 , parity EVEN , stop bits 1

Can anyone point me in the direction please on how i would change the parity bit for input and the output.

Help appreciated.

Any pointer for me please ... greatly appreciated..

Take a look at the implementation of the NewSoftSerial class how it implemented the 8 bits communication and you can derive a 7 bit version with optional stopbits etc. see - -

Not trivial, not impossible either,

success, Rob

Thank you ,

i have looked and looked for the information but I'm unable to find it , can you give me an other pointer to the documentation please .I would like to use the Serial devices on the mega 2560 i will be using Serial2 and Serial3


I did a search and found a thread on your topic.

Thank you ,

I to found this and tried to implement it on a mega 2560 , but it will not work no matter what combination i try i even done away with the libary and implamented some of the code direct in my project , but no changes to the parity was achived.

under the hood of teh arduino many things are possible, see -,67781.msg500814.html -