Changing pin-out wiring for E-Paper

Okay, I am planning to use two E-Paper displays in a mini project i am working on. Is there anyway to change the pin-out code so that the second Epaper has a different pin-outs? I am using an arduino mega 2560 board with an sd shield for datalogging.

Usually it is possible.

I suspect you will not get a better answer unless more information is provided, such as which display, what interface type, which library and why changing pin outs is needed.

What "pin out code"? If you want help, you have to provide all the information, not just a few pieces.

No? pinouts are physical, so I don’t know what you mean.

The OP means pin-mapping. Does he know the difference between HW SPI and SW SPI? Does he know any e-paper libraries?

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