Changing pins for wire library


Is there a way that I can change the pins that the wiring library uses for SDA and SCL. At the moment these are on the analogue pins 4 and 5, but I want to use it with a mini, and these ports do not go out to the pins, they are solder points on the board.

I have found this bit

void twi_init(void) { // initialize state twi_state = TWI_READY;

if defined(AVR_ATmega168) || defined(AVR_ATmega8)

// activate internal pull-ups for twi // as per note from atmega8 manual pg167 sbi(PORTC, 4); sbi(PORTC, 5);


// activate internal pull-ups for twi // as per note from atmega128 manual pg204 sbi(PORTD, 0); sbi(PORTD, 1);


in the twi.c file in the wire library, which can obviously be changed to different values, but it looks to me as if that is just activating the relevent pull up resistors depending on which chip is being built against rather than setting the values that will be used within calls to send and recieve info - is there somewhere else where I would need to make changes too.

Unfortunately, you can't change the pins used for the Wire library. The TWI/I2C functionality is provided by the hardware of the ATmega168 on the board and is limited to those specific pins.

Soldering iron it is then.