Changing pins of lcd I2C (2x)

I would like to ask if there is any way to change a pin from a default lcd pins A4 & A5, because I want to use 2 displays and also RTC3132 which also uses A4 & A5, so if it is possible please guide me though it from a step to step.
Thank you.

The I2C bus is a bus. All devices share the SDA and SCL pins. Each device on the bus is identified by their unique address.

See this tutorial.

And how can I definy that unique adress? I tried the lcd I2C scan, but he did not find anything, when I pinned my lcd on another position.

I2C is a bus system so you can have several devices connected by the same two wires. You just have to ensure the different devices have unique addresses configured and that only one pair of pull-up resistors is active on the bus.

If you don’t know how to ensure that yourself, post all necessary information: links to the used hardware and a complete wiring diagram.

Thanks, I have just found out how the bus works, so unless there are different busses everything is great, but I want to use 2 lcd displays exactly the same and I2C Scanner shows me the same adress, do you have any idea how to solve that?

If you have 16x2 or 20x4 character LCDs (hd44780 controller), many of the I2C backpacks have PCB pads exposed that you can jump with a solder blob to change the I2C address. Other displays may be changed in software depending on the hardware and library used.

More specific advice could be forthcoming if we knew the exact displays that you have.

The address pads on a common I2C backpack (blue box).

I2C back pack address pads.jpg

Page 6 of this NXP document show the address maps for the PDF8574 and PCF8574A port expanders found on those common backpacks.

I2C back pack address pads.jpg

It is 16x2 LCD and there is written on the front "1602A"

Great! It is working, thank you so much, can I somehow rate you?

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