changing rhythm and pitch of sound using wave shield and accelerometer

I am a total beginner but I am working on a project for school.
It is an add-on part to a footwear that will create sound as the wearer moves his feet, and the sound will change its rhythm and pitch depending on the movement and orientation of the feet.
I don’t want it to make any sound when the feet is on the ground.

The project will be consisted of the belt unit and the foot unit connected with wire.
This is how I imagine the hardware to be.

-arduino uno -wave shield(with SD card) -speaker -battery

~Connected with Wire~

-2 accelerometers(one for each side) (Adafruit Triple-Axis Accelerometer MMA8451)

I have been just looking at similar projects that uses waveshield and accelerometers.
I need to figure out how to hook up 2 accelerometers to arduino board and code that will do the job for the project.
I need advices on the coding structure.
Is there anywhere that I can find tutorials or information useful for this project?
Please give me advices on approaching this project!