Changing SS pin for ethernet library

I am trying to change the SS pin for the ethernet library as I have a Wiznet 5100 module which aligns correctly with the other three pins (MISO, MOSI & SCLK) but connects its SS pin to theArduino digital pin 4 on a custom board.

I have seen other posts such as, however they refer to changes the pins within the same port.

I need to change the SS pin from digital pin 10 to digital pin 4. This involves changing the port from port B to port D.

I gather I would change this code (in Spi.h) from:

#define SPI0_SS_BIT                              BIT2
#define SPI0_SS_DDR                              DDRB
#define SPI0_SS_PORT                              PORTB


#define SPI0_SS_BIT                              BIT4
#define SPI0_SS_DDR                              DDRD
#define SPI0_SS_PORT                              PORTD

If I change these do I also have to change the CS entry which shares the same definition?

#define IINCHIP_CS_BIT                              BIT2
#define IINCHIP_CS_DDR                              DDRB
#define IINCHIP_CS_PORT                              PORTB

do I have to change any of the following as it seems to refer to SS:

#define SPI0_Init()      DDRB |=SPI0_SS_BIT|SPI0_SCLK_BIT|SPI0_MOSI_BIT;\


SPCR  = 0x50