changing the crystal

Seeing as I cant find an earlier post that answers my questions.............

I want to use a 14.@#$% crystal for video purposes... I know very little about crystals................ but have a good grasp on DC theory...... Will I need to adjust the values of the accompanying caps?

Or more generally, how closely are the caps tuned?

Should their [5 * (timeconstant)] be tuned to the crystal?

Should should their 5 * .707 * (timeconstant) be the crystal freq.?


etc. could some one even point me to a resource? as I cant really dig a good explaination up....


The Arduino already has a 16 mhz crystal. You could, in software delay the chip into The 14.something mhz that you want

In practice, the caps that are already there should be fine with typical 14.xxxMHz crystals. There's a relatively complex thing should should go through to pick cap values if you want maximum accuracy, but hardly anyone ever does it, and it probably wasn't done for the caps that are there now, either. (and you'll need the data sheet for the exact crystal you'll be using...)