Changing the default mircostep for stepper motor drivers

Hey there, I have a couple of stepper motors i am using to drive a robotic device and they are rated at 400 step/rev and using the bigEasy driver that has a default of 16 microsteps/step this equates to 6400 microsteps/rev, which is a lot!!! The motors are slipping if i set the speed to high and apparently this will happen if the stepping is too fast (the current should be sufficient). I read somewhere that you can change the microstepping on the bigeasy driver to be 8 or 4 microsteps instead of 16. This would mean i would have to do less steps per revolution and hence less steps per second to achieve the same speed and hopefully the motors wont slip then. Does anyone know how to do this?

Some of the pins on the BigEasydriver control the microstepping rate. Read the instructions and tie the appropriate pins high or low as needed.

You can change the microstepping with your Arduino program if you connect those pins to it, but that probably isn't necessary.


The rate of step pulses isn’t the issue, its the raw speed and acceleration of the motor
that matters for mis-stepping.

Microstepping can actually help by reducing resonance, but its a complex area, its
worth trying all the settings and see what works for you.

At the end of the day for a given motor and supply voltage and physical load there
is a maximum speed and a maximum acceleration the system can handle, and you
have to experiment to find out what it is.