Changing the effects on the led strip using button

Hello, I don't know how to change the led strip mode with the button. Can someone help me.

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The same way you change any program’s flow with a button.

What do you already know about using a button to do anything, like turn on and off an LED?

Post your code so far. If you have no code, worrying about the button is premature. If you do have code, show us and also your best idea about where a button might enter into things.


What ‘mode’ ?

What LED strip ?

I have WS2821B led strip
rainbow / blinking

Some animations take time to complete so you may have to close a switch for a short period of time before the switch is read.

When a switch closer is detected, you can change the animation to the next in your sequence.
A simple State Machine can be used to switch between animation sequences.

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