changing the micontroller on Arduino Uno


I tried to change the chip (ATmega328p-PU) on my Arduino Uno with a new one (same type of chip). However, when im uploading the code into it (using Arduino 1.0.1), it shows error message: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

Do i need to do anything before i install the new chip?

Pls help.


Is the replacement at328 the right way round, stupid but had to ask as i've inserted it the wrong way before, also does the replacement at328 have the bootloader installed?

You need to burn the Arduino bootloader first

You will most probably have to change the signature for the ATmega328-PU as well in the avrdude.conf file, as the atmega328-PU has a different one than the atmega328-(no PU).

Arduino Forum for more information.

You need to have a chip with a bootloader in it. You can use your Arduino (using ArduinoISP) to 'burn' the bootloader. There are a couple things you need to do to load the bootloader in to a 328 as compared to a 328P but once you have the UNO bootloader installed you then can install it in your Arduino board and program it as an UNO.

Because I have played with both in the un programmed state I added entries to the necesary AVRDude files so I can work with either.