Changing the oscilator to internal

Hi guyes I bought a arduino uno with a 28pin DIP controller atmege328p. This controller be used in a selfmade circuit. But unfortunatly this circuit has no external oscillator. Thats why I want to change the fuses to use the internal oscilator. How can I change it safly?

I just thought of using the AVR Studio or AVR Dude. Is there any better option what do you suggest?

Thanks for your attention


You need an ISP device to set the fuses. For $4 or $5 you can get a USBasp or USBtinyISP from eBay or if you have a spare Arduino UNO you can load the ArduinoISP example sketch and then disable auto-reset with a 1-10uF capacitor between the Reset and Ground pins.

The fuses are set when you use Tools->Burn Bootloader. Find a boards.txt entry that uses the ATmega328p processor and the 8 MHz internal oscillator and select that board type.