Changing two buttons into piezo knockSensors


Recently I made this circuit in real life:

as you can see, I use two buttons a double-input nor gate as it was recommended by an Arduino Guru and I almost totally understand why.

The thing is, my school has forbidden buttons from projects and I'm forced to use an eletricar Piezzo knockSensor.

I'd like to know recommendations:

can I still use the NorThingie , if yes should I change something since now they are piezzos? I have 1M resistors but should I use any other resistor other than those? (i'm electrophobic and I don't wanna burn something up) should I change something codewise? (the code of my project is in the website above, and I already know about the treshold and whatnot)

Thanks so much in advance, have a wonderfull geek day. 8)

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That circuit picture is awful. The schematic view it provides is worse. If you can't draw a proper schematic, then most of the gurus here won't help you.

What does it do?

If your school insists on strange sensors, then have they given you a schematic that shows you how to connect them to an Arduino? Without any other information on this sensor, we would only be guessing.

My guess is that the knock sensor goes to an analog input, which involves an analog threshold. This won't work with a 74xx series logic gate without a lot more components. Don't use the gate and write the NOR in the Arduino sketch.

Focus only on the breadboard view,

So if I read correctly, the 74xx gates are useless with the Eletrical Piezzo.

Basicly my project consists on a Unity Game with Turn Based Pokemon Style Combat.

I'll use the arduino (leonardo) to emulate some keys that will interact wit the game.

The arduino works like an action reaction game.

I'll have a led for the standby and a piezzo near the led.

After I click the first piezzo the firstled goes LOW.

There is then, another led and another piezzo.

That led will go HIGH in a random time from 5 to 15 for like 1~2 seconds

Then if I touch the second piezzo in time, it emulates a "j", if I don't it emulates a "k" both which will do stuff in my game.