Changing Xbees to increase range

Hi everyone :),

I am using a pair of XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1. One of them is mounted on a Uno using an Xbee shield and the other one on a Mega using a second shield. Based on their specs on the Sparkfun page, I am to expect around 1500m of outdoor range. It does not say the antenna’s gain in dBi, but form what I understood from their data sheet, it should be around 2.1dBi ?

I want to increase the range by a factor of 2 at least. So this is what I want to do, but I am not sure about it: I was thinking of buying an XBee WiFi Module with a RP-SMA Connector and a 2.4GHz RP-SMA Antenna with a gain of around 8.1 dBi (6 dBi higher to double the range) and put it on the Uno which is the receiver side.

Do you think this is going to work? Am I on the right track? Thanks in advanced XD

Do you think this is going to work?

No. Series 1 XBees and WiFi XBees do not talk to each other.

Since XBees need to communicate with each other, replacing one with a stronger signal will NOT increase the range.

so what other option do I have to achieve that range? Is there a compatible product that I can use in the receiving end or should I change both the sending and receiving Xbee all together?

An easy (to say) option is to put units with better (or directional) antennae at each end. Yagi seems to come up often in this context.

Another common solution is to use the XBee's mesh capability and to put a routing XBee in between the two ends. Obviously not always feasible for power availability or geographic reasons.

I see. I actually need to mention that one the Xbees will be moving because it is mounted on a race car. I apologise that I did not mention that earlier :cold_sweat:. So based on that I believe I need an Omni-directional antenna (right? :sweat_smile:). I did some more research since I started this post and I may have a possible option, but not 100% sure about it. Do you think changing one of the Xbees with a 'XBee-PRO 2.4GHz Module, 63 mW with a RP-SMA Connector' and mounting a 2.4Ghz ' 2.4GHz 9dBi or 11dBi RP-SMA Male Wireless WiFi WLAN Booster Omni Antenna' would work? I apologise again for not being thorough enough :roll_eyes: and would lilke to mention that really appreciate your help :)