Chanrge a 9V rechargable battery with charging module

So for my robot I need a 9v power source for my driver. Most of the batteries drain too fast and I need a simple solution. I was wondering if I could use a charging module (03962a) to charge it when needed.

That depends on the battery chemistry. What type of 9V battery is it?

I was thinking about one of those duracell or varta batteriers you can recharge. Those rectangular ones.

I know what a 9V battery looks like. You specified a charging module that likely only charges one type of battery chemistry. You need to have a battery with the chemistry designed for that charging module.

(chemistry as in alkaline, ZC, NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li Poly)

The 03962a charger is designed for a single cell 18650 LiPo battery.
It is not a candidate for charging your 9v battery.

Are you using the 9v for the whole robot?

Do you realise that a standard 9v only has around 100mA.

Could you fit a larger battery in the space available?

Does it need to be 9v?

Rechargeable batteries can generally produce a lot more current than those non-rechargeable (e.g. alkaline) 9V blocks.

Indeed it's important to know the actual battery type. Rechargeable 9V blocks are rare, I don't think I've ever seen one.

Here in Australia we have lots of 9v block batteries both single use and rechargable.

Many of the 9V PP3 style rechargeables are actually 8.4V nominal (7 cell) NiMH cells. But you have to watch out because some of the cheaper ones are only 6-cell 7.2V packs. And while they're better than alkalines in my experience you can't get very much current out of them.