char to byte

I have such a code that parses the char, the individual fields in the byte. but the problem occurs when you change and do not know how to prevent it

char struu[] ="";
byte vystup[10];
parseSymbols(struu, vystup);

void parseSymbols(char *line, byte *symbols) {
    byte *p = (byte*)(strtok(line, "."));
    for(int i=0; i <= sizeof(p)+1;i++)
      symbols[i] = p;  //error
      p = (byte*)(strtok(NULL, "."));
symbols[i] = * p;

Generally, it helps if you post all the code, and the actual error message you got.

It would help even more if you explained exactly what it is you're trying to do, because that code snippet makes no sense at all....

What do you think "sizeof(p)" will give you? I'm betting it's not what you think. Hint: It will always be 2.

Ray L.