Character Based LCD library recommended API


I have put some documentation together for those of you working on libraries for LCD displays. I have created a page in the playground with the API specifications

I currently have both of my i2c LCD libraries compliant, and the standard LiquidCrystal libraries are compliant with the functions that are implemented.

I welcome any comments or suggestions on what has been done already.


For those looking for a way and library to convert a parallel HD44780 compatible LCD to serial (I2C): I needed the exact same thing and wired it up using a PCF8574 and modified the standard LiquidCrystal to talk I2C to the display. The new library named “LiquidCrystal_I2C” can be found on the playground. It should be function compatible (forgive me if I missed one) with both the standard LiquidCrystal library and the API recommendations listed by Dale. With a few additional components it also supports backlight switching. Connection details, PCF8574 datasheet and examples are in the zip file



Hey, Dale, the skeleton lib link on the LCDAPI page does not work.

Thanks Rock.


Thanks for the heads up. I have updated the link as well as a few others that broke. Seems apple has changed the way you reference files from their mobile me service.