charge controller question

hello, i try not to ask questions without searching the web for some answers first. But couldn't find my specific question.

I recently bought a korad DC power supply and a solar charge controller with this basic diagram.
Charge controller diagram.png
I have used it without solar hooked up just to power it on to see if it works.
My question (hypothetically) if i did hook up a solar panel to the input of the controller and had my dc power supply hooked up to where the battery is supposed to go, would that ruin my DC power supply because the power supply is meant to source current and not sink it.

Charge controller diagram.png

It charges the battery. So no, you shouldn't use it with a DC power supply in place of the battery.

Use a little tiny battery for testing. A gel-cell salvaged from an alarm panel or uninterruptible power supply is a good choice.