Charge the MKR Lipo battery while not using the board

I have a device (circuit/sketch) that is supposed to be used for intervals to measure and log data.
my circuit is based on a IOT carrier with a MKR 1010 wifi board
it's powered by a LiPo battery connected to the LiPo connector of the carrier.
as the circuit is going to be charged while not in use I would like to be able to charge the battery without powering the whole circuit.
I could create a conditional statement to sleep the sketch and board while Vusb is @ 5V.
other options is to use an external charging module to charge the battery by a dedicated connector plug that switches off the lipo connector of the carrier / board but it seems no sense if there is already a charging circuit onboard, with all the required protections, that works great.
I dont know if someone knows a way of doing so, or also any idea to share so I could investigate and share back the findings...
I think is a pretty usual condition using an arduino mobile device and having to charge the battery no loging empty readings nor having the board running for nothing.
the "take off the battery" option would be easier .... I know, but I have some use conditions and waterproof requirements that make me drop this option.
this new topic could be applicable for the MK boards equiped with LIPO connector but also for the carrier.
Many thanks for any Idea or thoughts on this...
best regards

you could test with an external toggle switch that holds the board in reset state

many thanks , that was really fast!
and maybe the external charger ground switch plug connected to reset pin could do the trick (or maybe burn the board, I'll check it and if no smoke that's it!
sorry for this dumb questions: holding board's reset<--->ground pins connected for really long periods is ok? would the charger circuit work in this condition?
Thank you a lot

So that when you do decide to charge the battery while board is on it will shut it off, cool idea

I'm not aware of bad consequences of holding the reset pin for a long time

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why not?, in my project there is no need to charge the battery while using the device, so you could charge overnight and you can have almost 20 hours of battery life.
the waterproof condition would not allow to charge while using so that could be OK
not use while charging!

Might as well use powerbank

thanks @J-M-L @killzone_kid for your ideas and thoughts
i´ll be back here with feedback when I have the homework done!

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