Charger amp question

I got 20A XT60 adaptor, shall i set it to 10A in the charger?

Whoa whoa whoa… no!

The charger should be set to a current appropriate for whatever battery you are charging.

I suggest charging at the 1C rate, so a 2200 mAh pack should be charged at ~2 amps.

If you have more time, charge at a reduced current, it is kinder to the battery.

If you are in a hurry, you can charge at multiple C rates. Every battery should have a specification for a maximum charging rate or current. But know that faster charging is harder on the pack.

BTW and FWIW, that charger you link is a classic, very nice unit. I use mine now as a secondary, but for years it was the charger I used… I may have a knock-off of a counterfeit of the original, the same charger appears under several names, same box and electronics one hopes.


I have a LiPo: Buy Orange 3S 25/60C Lipo 3300mAh Battery Pack at Low Price In India

The one I am buying is a clone

yes I do have time, its for an rc airplane

So, please recommend me a setting, I am really new to LiPos

3300mAh = 3.3Ah. There is no indication that the battery can be fast charged so a sensible charge setting is 3.3A or less. That's what 1C means.




is original, that’s the one that people copy. Get the original: it is inexpensive and battery chargers are not a good place to try to save money.

And if you can’t figure out from my previous post how to set the charging current, you should google a bit and learn about batteries… lipo batteries are amazing but for best and safest use you need to know what you are doing.


I said a 2200 mAh battery could be plausible charged at 2 amps, or ~1C.

What is your best guess at anappropriate charging current for a 3300 mAh battery?


3A or 3.1A??

There you go, perfect.

It should charge in one hour.

If you have two hours, charge at 1.5 amps.


In India, actually the original one has to get imported, and it costs around 45 dollars

Sure thanks a lot!!

Oh, I see. The fact that the price I found was in rupees made me think it was $26.

You probably OK with the counterfeit…


Actually this is another question, i am buying some items for 106 dollars, so shall I buy the counterfeit one or the original?

Needed for Project
Brushless Motor
LiPo Battery pack
GPS Module
Heatsink and Cooling Fans

I have and are needed
Voltage Sensor
Servos (I need more)

Camera inside cockpit for realistic view
Retractable Landing gear :
Lipo: Buy Orange 3S 25/60C Lipo 3300mAh Battery Pack at Low Price In India
GPS module for location, time, speed, altitude and angle
Voltage sensor for getting the voltage of LiPo
8 Servos for landing gears, ailerons, rudder and elevators

I can’t say how you should spend your money.

One thing I will say is that if you remain following this hobby, you will be using some things no matter what.

It may make sense to get a better charger that you won’t outgrow too soon, or won’t break right away.

Same with something like an r/c transmitter. You will rapidly outgrow a cheap one… get something that will last.

When I got my first real transmitter it was ridiculously too good for the aircraft I was flying and my flying skills. And about 3 times what I wanted to spend. :expressionless:

But as an investment it paid off. I still use it and have not come too close to outgrowing it.

And I’ve had this really nice transmitter to use since the beginning.


It will fly by its own, but ok I understand

Please tell me you are not planning to fly something that you cannot control from the ground.


Yes actually ur correct, that's why I am using Raspberry Pi 4

Is their any harm in something you cant control from the ground?

It will actually just fly to another place and land there