Charging LIPOs in series

Hello All. I have a neopixel 7 segment display score board project. Currently it is powered by 2 flat pack LIPOs in parallel and the LIPOs output is stepped up by a boost converter to 5VDC for all the electronics. The display defaults to showing four red zeros for a total of 48 rgb neopixels illuminated at near full brightness. The step up converter gets hot and pretty soon the Nano resets I suppose from the converter shutting down.
When the 4 zeros are illuminated the current into the boost is 1.66A and the current to the electronics (the Nano, the neopixels and a 4 channel rf radio receiver) is .794A. Quite a power loss.
I was thinking of trying a buck converter with the LIPOs connected in series. The current configuration is with both batteries being connected to a USB board and charged simultaneously in parallel. I want to maintain that so the batteries wont have to be separated and charged individually. Please take a look at the attached image. Will that configuration work? If not, is it otherwise possible without adding a bunch of other components? Thanks - Scotty.

Your expectations are a bit hard to follow. You want to run this and charge the batteries with a USB port, it won't happen, the USB does not have that kind of power. You won't be able to charge them in parallel when they are connected in series. What we need is a schematic, not a frizzy thing showing all power connections and grounds. Post links to each of the hardware devices that shows the current and appropriate technical information. If you put the batteries in series you will have to go from a boost to a buck converter. Your best choice is a SEPIC converter (Buck/Boost).

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