Charging old Li-pol battery

I have found an old unused Sonny Ericsson K300i in my wife's drawer. It's battery was inserted and it is no suprise it is completly depleted. Moreover I have no idea where the original cable may be. At first I wanted to recharge and reuse the battery but when I measured it I found there is only 0.9 V between + and -. According to the markings it is original Li-pol 700 mAh BST-35 battery. As far as I know Li-pol batteries are quite dangerous to abuse. If they are in a bad mood they may explode spraying burning polymer to all sides. One of worst things one can do with Li-pol is to discharge it too deep. I expect the battery has some protection inside because otherwise it should have exploded long before it got to the 0.9 V. But I am still afraid that the battery may be undercharged and may explode when I apply voltage to it. So there are some possibilities: 1) Forget about the battery, and buy another one 2) Try to recharge the battery very slowly somewhere outside far away from anything flammable 3) Try to recharge the battery now and here The first option is safest but is it needed? Are there some precautions I could take so I would be able to charge the battery with minimal risk? Thank for advice.