Charging Switch in the Lithium Backpack

Hello, Everyone:

I purchased a lithium backpack for an Arduino board. The problem is that it has a charging switch that must be selected before the battery can be recharged. Further, it is likely that, during the charging process, the board will turn off.

I do not want to have to manually select the charging mode, nor do I want my board to turn off while the battery is being charged.

Are any lithium backpacks available that automatically charge, similar to the charging process for a mobile phone?

Thank you for your assistance with this matter

Any help please?

I suspect most viewers are hesitating to suggest a solution given that you've provided no link to the "lithium backpack" you described.

The LiPo Rider sold by Seeedstudio will happily mux together USB, solar, and battery power with automatic recharging.

Thank you Chagrin

I'm using this backpack: