Charlieplex 12V LEDs with 5V board

I am building a costume and am trying to run a bunch of 12V LED strips using a charlieplexing array on my AtMega328, which only runs at 5V. Is there a way for me to do this?
These are the LEDs


It's an interesting question. But I'm fairly sure that getting charlieplexing to work in this situation is going to require so many extra components (to deal with the higher voltage and protect the Arduino) that you would lose the advantages of charlieplexing, which is it's simplicity.

So I would strongly recommend a non-charlieplexing approach. Perhaps conventional multiplexing.

How many is a "bunch" and what level of control do you need? What kind of patterns do you want to make? Do you need to control every led module individually or would controlling them in groups be good enough (the groups would not need to be in a physical group).

Some useful chips that come to mind for these types of circuits are uln2803, tpic6b595 & mic5891.

I'm not entirely sure how many, I was thinking between 52 and 90 groups, so charlieplexing between 8 ad 10 pins. They would be strings of LEDs through the garment

OK, you gave an answer to one of my questions...

More control is better, but as long as each group can go on and off that is enough. In the group individual control is not needed.
Anything else I missed?

Yes: How many modules in a group?

Another question would be have you thought about how you will power these leds? Even if a group is only one module, and you have 52 modules, it will be quite a lot of current. How many modules will be lit at any instant in time, in the patterns you are envisioning?

I would recommend creating a matrix, perhaps 8x8, using a tpic6b595 chip to sink the current from the cathodes. For the anodes, there are various options. For example you could use a second tpic6b595 chip to drive 8 PNP transistors. This would mean you would need very few Arduino pins, so you could downgrade to an attiny84 or 85 to reduce the circuit size a little.