CharliePlexed LED Pattern/pulsing Library

I am working on a simple pulsing LED Gauntlet on my Mega that I got as a birthday present. Well I went ahead and made some Libraries for it and desided to release them in the hopes they can either be used or improved by others.

This is really 5 Libraries/classes:
CharliePulser - Handles the array of CharlieLeds
CharlieLed - Keeps track of an LEDs Voltage and Ground Pins
TimeKeeper - Returns true when checked after a specified Interval
SwitchArray - Read in X number of switches as bits and returns a decimal number
BatteryMeter - Uses an array of CharlieLeds and an Analog Input pin and reads then scales it over the LEDs.

CharliePulser requires the CharlieLed and TimeKeeper Libraries
BatteryMeter requires the CharlieLed Library

The Libraries will work with ANY number of LEDs and Charlieplex pins (in theory). It was tested with a 4 pin-12 LED array, but I did also limit it to other number of LEDs and it worked just fine.

(if you find things that can be improved, please tell me, I am a Java programmer, not a C++ programmer, so its very likely I did some strange things in this)

The Libraries and the Gauntlet's Sketch are available at: Gixxy ยท GitHub

All my Code here is released under the: GNU GPL 3.0