Charlieplexing -clearly explained

If you're having any troubles in understanding charlieplexing, this is where to go-
Charlieplexing explained

If you've understood everything up to here, you can now set out to make an LED cube which is based on this simple but effective method.

That explanation is ok for understanding how to do it with a few LEDs, but it falls down with larger numbers, where drawing the diagrams like that quickly becomes very cumbersome.

I don't know how many times beginners have come to the forum and asked the question "I can understand charlieplexing for a few LEDs, but how do I make it work for 64 or 512?" The page does not explain about multiplexing, drivers and the complex coding required to make a cube work, charlieplexed or not.

At least a warning about resistors should have been in place.