Charlieplexing Common Anode RGB LEDs

I'm building a Charlieplexed 4x4x4 RGB LED cube, and it seems to be common knowledge that it can be done with common anode or common cathode. I understand the concept with common cathode, but ordered common anode LEDs, and I'm having a lot of trouble programming it. I've seen articles that said the construction is the exact same, and only the programming has to be changed.
I rigged a prototype spire on a breadboard, but I can't control the LEDs individually. I'm obviously missing something, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding articles on programming these for common anode. I did the spires the Asher Glick way (Charliecube - Asher Glick).
I know you can set the pin's mode to input to effectively ground it for charlieplexing with cathode LEDs, but I don't know what the equivalent is for common anode, and using only output will set off other LEDs unless I stick with white.

Hi, i have seen that design before and it seems likely to damage the leds and the Arduino. Both will be overloaded with too much current, shortening their lives. There appear to be no series resistors and no transistors on the common pins. You can easilly tell that the circuit designer is inexperienced because they do not give a schematic. I would not build that circuit.

Setting an Arduino pin to input does not ground it. Setting it to output and low does that.

Sorry to be so negative!