Chasis mount min USB connector

I am building a project which I will house in a project box. I would like to use this connector from RS to make the connection to the host PC.
They do not have an option to have a mini USB plug (which would plug into the NANO) instead of the header... does anyone know how I could connect this cable to the Nano or maybe where I could get such a cable?

USB mini extender cable with waterproof housing. May this would work.

Cheaper but without waterproof housing. Similar cables can be found on Amazon and Ebay.

Try this link, I believe that is where I purchased mine. It is also possible eBay has them. Sorry I do not have an exact link. I have soldered wires directly to the nano but if you do not have the tools and soldering skills you will just destroy it. If you have the room they make adapter and gender changers that will make the transition for you. Same sources.

I ended up finding the RS PRO Male Mini USB B to Female Mini USB B USB Extension Cable, 200mm that @customcontroller suggested and went with that, thanks for the help.