Chattering relay, T835 Triac, and latching current

I am trying to use a triac circuit to power a relay. When the relay coil is energized, the relay chatters horribly. Here is the triac: T835. This is the relay: SC-03. The schematic is attached.
Neutral → X1-10; X1-11 → Relay coil → ac hot.
The relay’s max current when closing is almost 200 ma, but once closed is very small- less than 10ma. Could this be reason for the chattering? the T835 looks like it requires minimum IGT and IHof 35ma (If i understand the datasheet correctly). Any suggestions for a different triac?
I tried using a commercial SSR which worked fine, no chattering; so either my design is incomplete or the triac is the wrong part. Anyone have a link to a schematic of a commercially available SSR like an SSR 40DA?

Also I don’t know what some the values in the data sheet represent: VGT , IL, VGD, and all of Table 4:Static characteristics