Cheap 2,4 TFT does not work

Hi guys, also, I bought a cheap arduino LCD touchscreen a month ago. It didn't work, i tried with thousands of libraries etc and it didn't work, I was always trying to make at least the "Paint" work but it didn't . I was thinking that it was a Hardware problem but a few days ago I bought a new one and now the new one does not work. Link of the TFT :

I am trying to make it work on the arduino uno.The graphic test works.

Here are some names of the libraries that i used ( i found them in some tutorials) : TFTLCD-Library-master Adafruit_TFTLCD Touch-Screen-Library-master UTFT UTouch please help ! regards, von.

The graphic test works.

So it does work? Or am I not understanding.

The display works but not Touchscreen

I need at least a library that works ( touchscreen)

Many of the so called touch screen librarys don't work because of timing on some of the hardware. The quoted drive on ali barba uses delays to attempt to get timing rarely works i my experience.

Need to locate the chip used to read the touch screen possibly a texas instruments..ADS7843.


With that info if you private msg me wil try and modify my interrupt driver to accommodate.

No guarantee it vould be a serial touch interface direct in which case utft is the only library that might interfavce.

Just found the product suddenly realized the company you bought from is one part of sainsmart distribution, As its sainsmart there are reasons not to go into here ... but none of the standard librarys support sainsmart, the clossest is utft ans on sainsmart site there are downloads for due

have you tried that variant ?

NO i didn t tried yet. I contacted the user that is selling the TFT displays and he gave me a library that is called TFTLCD it works but it is bugged a little (paint) the X coordinates are missed up i think