Cheap 3.3V ICSP programmer?

Are there any (China cheap) 3.3V ICSP programmers around? I would like to program the ATMEGA in an integrated design that has components in it that cannot deal with 5V :(

I don't really want to include the traces, header and circuitry (reset ...) for serial programming, because it is not necessary in my case.

PS: I know that I could use a 3.3V Arduino as a programmer or put a level shifter in between. If I get one, I would prefer a plug and play solution, though.

eBay and Aliexpress have hundreds of listings for dual voltage (3.3/5V) usbisp's. Usually about $2 each unless I've not understood the question.

You are right. Neither "usb isp 3.3" nor "usb isp dual" gave results for me. But "usb isp" alone happily returned them ... thanks.