Cheap accelerometer in India

Hey, I have an idea for a project which uses and accelerometer. In order to buy one I looked around on different online dealers like rhydolabz, robokits etc. The usual prices are upwards of 500Rs. It seems a bit steep for my one off project. The usual chip used by these sensors is a MMA8451Q which when I checked on kits n' spares is just Rs 95 or 105 with taxes. But there are two problems, one, its a QFN package which would be really hard to solder and two, Kits n' spares charges 150Rs in shipping which is ridiculous. I am okey with smd soldering, but haven't tried to solder a QFN package (it looks hard too).

If any of you guys have any idea how I can solve this problem please help.

You should search for it yourself only,as local dealers offer components at much lower price then people who sell online.
btw,I know few websites who sell stuff like this online,but haven't checked on it yet whether your product is available there : element14,explorelabs,thinnkware,vegarobo

But,instead of buying it online,I highly suggest you to buy it from a local shop,in case if it is not available there,then buy it online.

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