cheap analog accelerometer


Can you suggest a cheap analog accelerometer. I want to use it with ATTiny85 so I2C interface does not work for me.

I know that I can emulate I2C on ATTiny85, but my app takes 6kb so have no space for I2C library.

ADXL377BCPZ works great for me, but they are not producing it anymore, so the price went up



Likely be a fake if its on eBay!

The ADXL377 has a +/-200g range, that's very different from most sensors - what range do you require?

Thank you for replay

I want to use it for wearable device, to recognize hand gestures. I think max 5g should be enough

Thanks for recommending MMA7361, I think it should work for me.

I'm also considering FXLN8361Q and KXTC9-2050 they are cheaper.