Cheap and cheerful USB powerbank for NZ and AU

Posting this in case it's useful for other NZ and AU hobbyists.

Being new to Arduino I quickly learnt about the fact many(most?) USB power banks have a low current cut off, making them not very useful for small Arduino projects. I hadn't found too much info on specific brands or models that didn't feature this other than products in America that were possibly discontinued, or reasonably pricey.

In my searches I saw Kmart (NZ, not to be confused with the US version?) had $10 3350mah power banks. Given the price I figured there was nothing to lose and that being so cheap they likely wouldn't have any extra bells and whistles.

I was right. These banks will supply power continuously to an arduino even if nothing is running other than the power LED, and will do so for days on a single charge.

They're fairly compact (not much longer than an Uno) and rubberised. Have survived my toddler throwing it around a fair bit whilst attached to a gadget I made him.

Link to the charger:,350mah/1630858

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